Attachment and Mentoring programme by ILINOVA

This attachment and mentoring programme focuses on students from Egerton University, Faculty of Agriculture going for their field attachment on a yearly basis. With this regards, five (5) farms namely Willens- Practical Dairy Training Centre (PDTC), Kapsuswa farm, Samoei farm, Seregon farm all within the Eldoret Dairy Farmers Association (EDFA) and Mawingu farm in Nyeri were identified and have agreed to attach these students. A total of ten (10) students shall be distributed among these farms.

Despite the good theoretical background, students are not well exposed to proper practical skills. Lack of important hands on exposure has made the students incompetent in the job market because of their inability to deliver the market needs. Therefore, this attachment placement aims at exposing and shaping students to acquire hands-on skills that are needed in the labour market as well as transferring their knowledge to the attached enterprises and to link students to prospective employers.

Transfer of knowledge, including vocational skills is the foundation of a competitive livestock sector. The skills and knowledge gap of farmers and other actors along the livestock sector are significant. Small, medium and large scale commercial farms reveal that they lack practically trained staff that is able to start working immediately on the farms without further training.

These farms have good feeding practices, fodder conservation practices, calf rearing programmes, milk and milk handling practices, health management and record keeping. They are large scale and use Uniform Agri software to manage both their technical records and decision making. Therefore they are capable of transferring good practical skills to the students.
During this attachment period, the students shall acquire skills on;
•    Animal nutrition and feeding
•    Feed formulation, storage and management
•    Calf management
•    Milk and milk handling
•    Personal hygiene and animal hygiene
•    Animal treatment and disease control
•    Machine operation
•    Artificial insemination
•    Breed selection
•    Administration and record keeping
•    Development of Standard Operation Procedures (SPOs) for the  farm attached

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