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Are there common pitfalls that you have noticed in students? Any other patterns in tutoring that you might want to talk about? What are the current issues facing you in this field?

We want to hear the latest experiences in the field of tutoring. When we all work together, we can avoid problems together in the future.

Why write for Ilinova ?

Many tutors that are passionate about their craft want to pass along some of the lessons learned in practice to parents, students, and other tutors to make sure that students are getting the best help possible.

We are looking to find great content about the tutoring space that will help the industry move forward. If there are new challenges, trends, successes, or ideas that you would like your peers to talk about, you might consider writing about them.

There are countless subjects, so we are looking for all kinds of writers to provide insightful, practical articles about what they are most interested in. We find that when you are passionate about a subject, it permeates everything you do, so we hope to find passionate tutors that can translate their passion in a way that comes through with the audience.

We are looking to the future of education, so we look for forward-thinking educators who are interested in finding solutions to the newest problems in education.

Once you have read through our content guidelines and make sure that your post follows our standards, we will help you reach an audience of people interested in the field, some of whom will want to hire you for your services.

We want writers who can add something to the conversation. That can mean different things to different people, but the core of it is to find people that have picked up some insights over the course of their experience and wish to share those with the community.

Technology is especially interesting, as the industry is rapidly changing with the advancements in tech. As old rules become obsolete, we look to talk about the problems emerging in the new age and ways that other professionals are trying to tackle them.

What topics should you write about?

Write For Us!

Guest Post Guidelines

  • Proofread. Make sure that your grammar is great and that your writing is readable.
  • Plagiarism is not accepted. Original posts only.
  • Try not to double dip. If we have content on a topic you are interested in, make sure to find your own spin.
  • Photos are your friend. Visuals are a great way to keep attention in a long article.
  • Make sure your post meets the length guidelines. Posts should be between 1000-2000 words, with 700 as the minimum.
  • Outside links are a good idea if you have references that support your content.

What To Submit

  • Topic → What is the topic that you want to write about? Who are you looking to reach and why would they be interested in reading this?
  • Your Expertise → Tell us a little about you. What made you choose to write this article? Could someone else write the same thing?
  • What You Are Writing → What You Are Writing → Are you providing a summary of a topic that you researched? Are you writing about anecdotes from real life?
  • Previous Writing → Is this your first article or post? Do you have any links to samples of your other work?

The Article Topic

Give us a little insight into the subject of your post, who it’s aimed at and why you think it would interest the Tutorful community.

Your Writing Process

Are you writing based on your own experience, or are you conducting research to inform your writing? Remember: your article must be unique!

Your Experience

Tell us about your interests, writing experience and how your knowledge makes you perfect to write your article for the Tutorful blog.

Previous Articles

If available, please provide links to other content you have written, whether on your own site or guest posted elsewhere.